Connect all machines and increase effectiveness and sustainability

Unleash the full potential of your SAP Manufacturing Suite and DMC with FORCAM FORCE EDGE. Machines can be connected to existing SAP systems regardless of age and machine manufacturer, creating the basic prerequisite for data-driven manufacturing. With the help of FORCAM FORCE EDGE, machine connection becomes a standard routine. The complexity and time required to connect a new machine is significantly reduced, which means that the added value of digitalization can be realized more quickly.

Connect Azure Stack Edge and get started

Customers receive an Azure Stack EDGE from FORCAM, on which FORCAM FORCE EDGE is pre-installed. Deployment and management is carried out via SAP BTP. Companies can directly start connecting machines and realize the added value of their digitization project.

  • Preconfigured for Rapid Deployment

  • Secure data management

  • Deployment & Verwaltung mit SAP BTP

  • Deployment & Administration with SAP BTP

"With FORCAM FORCE EDGE, customers can connect their brownfield to SAP solutions and integrate with SAP processes so they can take full advantage of digital twins"
"Value creation in factories starts with being able to digitally connect all machines - old and new"

SAP Use Cases

Maintain transparency over manufacturing

FORCAM FORCE EDGE automatically delivers machine status, warnings, and quantity messages to SAP Manufacturing Suite and DMC. This lays the foundation for efficient LEAN management. In addition, unexpected situations can be reported and responded to more quickly.

Manage manufacturing from the top floor

Thanks to the bidirectional communication of the FORCAM FORCE EDGE, data can be sent directly from SAP Manufacturing Suite and DMC, ERP or other systems to the machine. Production processes can thus be controlled via SAP Manufacturing Suite and DMC

Collect energy and other consumption of machines

The FORCAM FORCE EDGE sends temperature, energy, and other consumption data from each machine to the SAP Manufacturing Suite and DMC. This creates the data basis to determine the CO2 footprint for production or end products. Energy consumption can be analyzed per plant, and production order and optimization potential can be identified.

Which machines can be connected with the FORCAM FORCE EDGE?

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