Reduce costs & effort for machine connectivity

Global scalability for digitization projects in production

Machine templates ensure that the individual effort per machine connection is reduced to a minimum. Templates can be created individually, or existing ones can be easily adapted. With just a few clicks, the existing configuration from the templates is transferred to the connection of a new machine. This turns the digitization project into a time- and resource-saving effort. The result is a standardized connection of identical machines. This leads to the comparability of machines of the same type.

“The digital connection of a machine can be reduced from five hours to about half an hour”

Advantages at a glance

  • Universally applicable

  • Fast ROI

  • Fast rollout

  • Simple administration

„Mit FORCAM FORCE EDGE können Kunden ihr Brownfield mit SAP-Lösungen verbinden und in SAP-Prozesse integrieren, so dass sie die Vorteile von digitalen Zwillingen voll ausschöpfen können“
„Wertschöpfung in Fabriken beginnt damit, dass man alle Maschinen - alte und neue - digital vernetzen kann"

Connect machines faster than ever before

With a conventional machine connection, all configurations of a machine must be made individually. This is extremely time-consuming. The Machine Repository offers a large number of templates that already contain data from existing machine connections. Simply select the appropriate template for the machine. The rest is automatically taken over for the corresponding machine. You only need to store machine-specific (e.g., serial number) and connection-specific information (e.g., IP address). The time required is significantly reduced, and digitization projects are massively accelerated.

Create company-wide comparability

Thanks to the templates from the Machine Repository, the machine connection is standardized. Measurements that have already been validated can be quickly transferred to other machines of the same type. As a result, findings on performance enhancement can be applied to the same machine type worldwide.

Create your own templates

If unique templates are required for the machines, this is easily possible. New templates can be created and added to the machine repository at any time. These are then available throughout the company. This makes a cost-saving solution with a global machine connection.


Machine connection templates (Machine templates)

Machine Manufacturer Machine Class Machine Model Global Template ID Template Name Variant Name Download
Star Drilling SV-32 GT-100000 Star_SV_32_Template Star_SV_32_Template_1 Download now
Boehringer Drilling DUS-1000 GT-100001 Boehringer_DUS1000_Template Boehringer_DUS1000_Template_1 Download now
AxNum Press GV 7 GT-100002 AxNum_GV7_Press_Script AxNum_GV7_Press_Script_1 Download now
Strausak Milling HS32 GT-100003 Strausak_HS32_Template Strausak_HS32_Template_1 Download now
DMG Drilling CNC-DM CTX beta 2000 GT-100004 DMG_CNC_DM_CTX_beta_2000_Template DMG_CNC_DM_CTX_beta_2000_Template_1 Download now
ETEWE Testing Hydrosatic pressure test GT-100005 ETEWE_HydrosaticPressureTest_Template ETEWE_HydrosaticPressureTest_Template_1 Download now
Wolters Lapping AC GT-100006 Wolters_AC_Template Wolters_AC_Template_1 Download now
Hanwha Drilling SL 20 GT-100007 Hnwha_SL20_Template Hnwha_SL20_Template_1 Download now
Overbeck Grinding ID 200 GT-100008 Overbeck_ID200_Template Overbeck_ID200_Template_1 Download now
Tornos Drilling Deco Sigma 8 GT-100009 Tornos_Deco_Sigma_8_Template Tornos_Deco_Sigma_8_Template_1 Download now
Alzmetall Milling GS 1000 GT-100010 Alzmetall_GS1000_Template Alzmetall_GS1000_Template_1 Download now
Studer Grinding S22 GT-100011 Studer_S22_OPCDA Studer_S22_OPCDA_Template_1 Download now
Schenck CN Balancing PASIO50 GT-100012 Balancing Siemens Simotion D Download now
TaiZheng CN Bunching 630C GT-100013 Bunching S7_200 Smart (via Kepware OPC Server) Download now
TaiZheng CN Machining NH4000 GT-100014 Machining Fanuc30i Download now
HaiTian CN Injection MA6000 GT-100015 Injection Euromap Download now
Gehring CN Honing PT600-8T GT-100016 Honing Siemens S7-1500 with CP Download now
Schuler CN PressLine 6-step GT-100017 Pressline S7_400 with CP Download now
JiaCheng CN Wire Drawing DT21/100.8.C GT-100018 Wire Drawing S7_1200 with CP Download now
Krauss Maffei CN Foaming RimStar GT-100019 Foaming S7_300 without CP (via IBH) Download now
Grob CN Machining LA 100-2 LRx GT-100020 Machining SINUMERIK 840D sl Download now
Schuler CN PressLine 6000KN GT-100021 PressLine S7_300 with CP Download now
Generic CN Generic IOT Box GT-100022 Generic IOT Box Download now
Schenck Balancing machine 050 FBLS GT-100023 Schenck_050FBLS Schenck_050FBLS_Template_1 Download now
Generic CN Generic IO-Box GT-100024 Generic IO Box Download now

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