Efficient connection
of all machines

The production goals of digitization include cost reduction, standardization, plannability, sustainability, and future security. The big challenge here is to connect heterogeneous machines. Manufacturing companies usually have both brownfield machines, which were not intended for digitization, and state-of-the-art machines. Another problem is that different manufacturers and control systems communicate with each other in different ways. This turns machine connectivity into a central challenge in digitization projects. The FORCAM FORCE EDGE has the Machine Connectivity & Model, which makes the machine connection of all machines simple and straightforward.

Vorteile auf einen Blick

  • Digitization of all machines

  • A consistent and comprehensive database to make informed decisions

  • The basis for the identification of optimization potential

  • Energy data from all plants

„Mit FORCAM FORCE EDGE können Kunden ihr Brownfield mit SAP-Lösungen verbinden und in SAP-Prozesse integrieren, so dass sie die Vorteile von digitalen Zwillingen voll ausschöpfen können“
„Wertschöpfung in Fabriken beginnt damit, dass man alle Maschinen - alte und neue - digital vernetzen kann"


The EDGE MDC layer manages the connection of the machines. The essential elements include:

  • Selection of the appropriate plugin
  • Communication with the machine control
  • Configuration of the machine master data
  • Setting the network connection
  • Definition of the machine signals
  • Forwarding of the machine signals to the EDGE Composition Layer


The EDGE DNC Layer ensures that machines with an NC supply are properly integrated. This includes:

  • Selection of the appropriate plug-in for communication with the machine controller
  • Configuration of the machine master data
  • Setting the network connection
  • Configuration of the DNC supply

EDGE Composition Layer

The EDGE composition layer derives logical machine states. A simple scripting language ensures that status events are generated from various signal combinations. This contributes significantly to the success in Brownfield situations, as usable information is easily extracted from older machines. The composition layer ensures the standardization of the reporting capability. Individual events can also be created. The scripts also make it possible to react to events and write values to the machine’s control unit.

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