The connectivity solution for all your machine groups, large and small (and in between)

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brownfield machines

and legacy systems

Utilize data
for KPIs

to monitor
and optimize production

Achieve efficiency
and sustainability

by recording and evaluating
resource consumption.

Data-driven manufacturing

Sustainability is arguably the most important challenge facing society and the economy. The manufacturing industry has a powerful tool at its disposal for sustainable, CO2-neutral production: data-driven manufacturing. It makes it possible to successfully manage the strategic core task of sustainability. With data-driven manufacturing, energy consumption or CO2 emissions can be monitored and reduced. The basis is the digital networking of each individual production line.

Connect machines efficiently

Thanks to modern plug-in architecture, connecting to machines is done in just a few steps. The plug-ins ensure that communication with the most common machine controllers and communication protocols works without any problems. The user interfaces are designed so that the user can connect the machine to the infrastructure easily and concisely in just a few steps. Select the appropriate plug-in, enter the machine master data, configure the network connection, and set the machine signals; the setup is complete. These simple steps lay the foundation for successful data-driven manufacturing

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Accelerate rollouts

The Machine Repository offers the possibility to use new and existing machine connections in the form of a template. Machines of the same type can thus be connected within a few minutes.

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Increase productivity and efficiency with Smart Data

Smart Data ensures that machine data is collected, interpreted, and transformed into interpretable information. The machine statuses, status reports, and warning and quantity messages delivered to production ensure that production increases significantly.

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Minimize energy consumption and carbon footprint

Operating and energy data serve as the basis for energy monitoring. Additional systems ensure that consumption is monitored and optimized. This ensures that resources are optimally deployed and effectively used. Corresponding key figures are also available for sustainability reports.

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Integration of current and future solutions

Open interfaces enable the integration of today’s solutions and future applications. Manufacturing companies can integrate new and relevant systems and thus remain flexible.

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Wide range of communication protocol support

Customers comments about the FORCAM FORCE EDGE

"With FORCAM FORCE EDGE, customers can connect their brownfield to SAP solutions and integrate with SAP processes so they can take full advantage of digital twins."
"Value creation in factories starts with being able to connect all machines - old and new digitally"


  • Connectivity & Model

    For effortless elimination of strategic challenges in manufacturing, the Edge solution of FORCAM’s software offers the possibility of reading any type of machine signal and converting it into the desired form. The in-house plug-ins form the actual core of FORCAM FORCE EDGE for the most common control systems. The plug-ins allow direct connection and derive logical states from machine data and convert them into a standardized event form. MES and IT systems, such as SAP DMC/ME/MII, require these events to create process interactions (e.g., process assurance through sensor data validation).


  • Machine Repository

    The novel Machine Repository accelerates the rollout of digitization projects in production. This is achieved through an innovative template approach, reducing the time required for machine connection from hours to minutes. Standard templates for all common machines are included right from the start. New templates for machine connections can be derived from existing connections or newly defined. The knowledge from existing machine connections is thus available quickly and standardized in all factory networks of a company. These benefit from a growing library for the smooth networking of similar machine types.

  • Data Lake

    FORCAM’s Data Lake effortlessly captures and stores both unstructured and structured data. Data stored in the Data Lake includes the signal level, event level, configuration changes, write operations, or transferred NC files. The resulting and stored data is a digital duplicate of the production, machine, or control. The EDGE API makes this data available to AI algorithms, visualization tools, and machine learning. Computationally intensive Big Data analytics evaluate the stored raw data. As a result, production can be significantly optimized.

  • OPC-UA

    The machines on the factory floor of companies speak numerous, different protocols. New applications such as SAP DMC often only support the current OPC UA standard. Retrofitting machines or controllers with OPC UA is expensive and time-consuming. Other protocols are often no longer supported. FORCAM FORCE EDGE ensures that the different OPC UA protocols are interconnected.


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